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Welcome to buy Animal Crossing bells, NMT & items at offers cheap bells and all items for Animal Crossing New Horizons, cheap price, fast delivery, 100% legit to trade online. Animal Crossing New Horizons is a life simulation video game, released on Switch.

Why should i buy Animal Crossing bells & items at

As we know, it's not easy to get Animal Crossing money in game, collect all special items (like Nook Miles Ticket) in game. It will cost you a lot of time to collect those ACNH items, buy ACNH bells & items online will be a good option, we're doing this business for years, very professional and reliable.

Besides, we're also selling other special Animal Crossing Items in game, like Nook Miles Tickets, Golden Tools, DIY Recipes, Furniture, villager move-in service & so on, if you want any didn't show on our site, feel free to contact us via live chat or email.

How to deliver bells & items in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

After you purchased, please go to Dodo airlines and keep your island open, give us your Dodo code, our team will fly to your island and drop the items to you, very easy & fast, make sure you have a Nintendo Online Subscription.

Any question, we will contact you by email, and you also can contact us via live chat, our customer service is 24 / 7 online.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Reviews


Amazing site! Got my raymond within 30 mins, will continue to buy other acnh villagers here.


I was really nervous about buying NMT for Animal Crossing via this site. Ordered 200 NMT, the delivery took about ten mins. I was very impressed for the service.


First order with 6KGold and I'm super impressed! Great selection of ACNH DIYs and items and exceptional delivery times. 35 minutes from the time I ordered to my island. I will order again and only fro


I just bought 800 NMT, they delivered everything in 10 minutes, It was really fast!


This site is legit. It looks sketchy as fuck. So, as a test I just ordered the cheapest bells. Got it within 5 minutes. I'm so happy. Time to add onto my HOUSE?!?! Woot Woot! Will recommend and keep


I need to say I was really worried about all that too, but at least for me it was legit and really quick just waited for around 10-15 min! thanks so much for not being scammers :)!

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