Save Data Modded Service (PS4)

Save Data Modded Service (PS4)

Price: 14.99 USD

Searching for Save Data Modded Service (PS4)? You have found the right place! is selling Save Data Modded Service (PS4) at a low price. Once purchased, our team will contact & complete your order ASAP, very convenient and fast.

This service is only for PS4, you will get all the following items:

- Max Runes

- All Smithing Stones × 999

- All Somber Smithing Stones × 999

- All Grave Glovewort × 999

- All Ghost Glovewort × 999

- Golden Seed × 99

- Sacred Tear × 99

- Pick any 5 Weapons

- Pick any 5 Shields

- Pick any 5 Talismans

- Pick any 2 Armor Sets

Once purchased, we will need your save data, we will email you how to download your save data.

Note: If you play on PS5, we can offer a perfect starter save data, feel free to contact us via live chat.