6kgold.com Reviews


Bought a Zacian. Within 30-40 minutes I had it. They will email you with updates and tell you when to live chat with them on their website to send link code to trade. Was skeptical but they are legit.


Bought many legendary pokemon here, update new pokemon in sword ver fast, i have added this site to my favorites. :D


I was apprehensive about this website at first, these guys are awesome I got every Pokemon I need to complete my PokeDex. Would totally buy again and recommend. 100% legit.


The helper service was very usefull and fast for any question ,Gina was very undestedable and helpfull , i think i ll buy another pokemon very soon also i share this site ,for my friends


I would highly recommend purchasing 6iv shiny pokemon from this company, the delivery was fast.


i purchased a gmax charizard got it in 10 min like they said, super fast service, will definitely buy again!


Customised some 6iv ditto pokemon here and also bought a lots of master balls, trusted pokemon sword store, will come again.


Very fast and friendly. I've bought alot from here and will continue too!


Very patient with me during my first time buying shiny pokemon, I sadly could not port some of mine from a corrupt save past X/Y and missed them a lot. It's good to have them back without going through all of the hardship again. The delivery was reasonably fast and the prices are pretty much the best I have seen around!


Bought many master balls, the delivery was fast and traded with some 6IV pokemon, thank you.