6kgold.com Reviews


Absolutely fantastic service very helpful and quick will be back and would highly recommend


Excellent and Quick service for my first order, even got a mew as a gift ! Will bookmark this site for further orders and strongly recommend


absolutely awesome people. i got everything i wanted and then some. very very fair prices too.. gonna be hard not to come back


Totally awesome service. Got my dream God Talismans on MH Rise. Highly recommended!!

Ryan B:

I had trouble with receiving their email, but their live chat service was very very helpful. They patiently responded to my questions and set my order right. Great service, fast response.


Thank you very much got everything I wanted and a free mew Much appreciated


I received all my pokemon and a free 6iv shiny ditto too! Very pleased and will definitely order again


Excellent services from 6kgold sales team. Some item was missing when progress further into the game and I've use a lot of zenny. Still they didn't hesitate and redo for me to downloads new archive to my acc and it's done within hours


Good prices and quick delivery! Super helpful live chat, and I got the god talisman I ordered! :)


Great service! I HIGHLY recommend buying monster hunter rise mod service from 6kgold because you will get exactly what you need for a very cheap price!