6kgold.com Reviews


I was a bit scared at the beginning but all my bells & free NMT came quickly and the transaction was smooth! Thanks a lot!


The live chat service was fast and very friendly. The gave me clear instructions and they have great prices. I will use this site again. Thank you very much


Everything went perfectly. Will definetly buy from here again and will recommend this website to anyone that is playing ACNH!


I have purchased ACNH items from these guys multiple times, every time they completed the order very fast, buy more, you will get free NMT as rewards.

Mateja W:

I’ve used the site for Pokémon SWSH and Animal Crossing and all experiences have been positive :)

Kimberly Nguyen:

Best place you can ever buy your items for ACNH! I've bought from them several times and they have the best customer service.


amazing! very quick and easy. got the 400 nmts quickly. will be buying more in the future!


Excellent level of service and professionalism as always, the best source for all your Pokémon wants/needs. A special, hearty thanks in particular to you Gina, despite some connection issues you persevered and through your patience I was able to complete my order. You guys are the best!!


Legit best experience they couldn’t get on my island like 3 times but they kept trying and answered super quick I am super happy with the animal crossing items I got and my new villager Judy ugh definitely ordering again !!!


Super quick, easy, and reliable! Super cheap compared to other sites. Will absolutely buy from again!