6kgold.com Reviews


I was skeptical at first with this website so I only purchased $5 worth of items but I wish I had purchased more! A team member came within the next 3 hours to drop off my ordered items and now I’m already back ordering more. My boyfriend is now using this site for his Pokémon as well. His stuff is taking longer but it’s not a scam, just be patient. They also replied to my emails promptly. Good service!


amazing, only took 5 minutes if that for me to receive my 100 nook mile tickets!


I am extremely happy with this service. I ordered several pokemon. They emailed me back immediately and then traded the pokemon over to me shortly after that. I will definitely use them again.


I was skeptical at first but I tried it anyway because it was so cheap. I got the items I ordered and the live support was really helpful it took around two hours but I figured they just had a lot of orders so im still happy. Great service and trustworthy!


Fast services, very satisfied. Looking forward to purchase again! Thank you so much!


Ordered bells and tickets from animal crossing, waited less than an hour and will definitely buy here again


Amazing customer service. I ordered 2x 200 nook miles tickets which must have messed up their system because I was only given 200 tickets. However, after contacting them they immediately fixed the mistake within no longer than 10 minutes. Great service will definitely use again.


Really quick and affordable :). will probably


ACNH bells price is so much cheaper than ebay, same for NMT, you guys are amazing.


Super fast! Wait was like 20 minutes was not expecting so fast, super happy easy to chat to someone with live chat super helpful and do recommend!