6kgold.com Reviews


The service was fast, professional and is reliable. The prices are cheap which is nice as well compared to others out there. I recommend this service to any who is in the market.


Record fast delivery, within 5 minutes! Never had any problems.


Very good service! Very trustworthy and always comes through!


Fast delivery and great prices would recommend


Very fast! There were some items missing (can happen sometimes), but the customer service was very friendly and fast. Got the missing things in no time. Would recommend it!


Great service it was fast and smooth! Im recommending this site thank you so much. Pleasure to buy here


Great service was done within 10 minutes. I will be back for more in the future!!


I ordered once before and they were very nice and understanding 10/10 completely legit


After seeing mostly positive reviews on trustpilot I have these guys a go. The prices are fantastic and I have to say the service was even better. At peak times they were on my island in no time! I used chat to ask a question about a future purchase and was responded to immediately 10/10 Thank you!

Joanna Peng:

Great customer service! Definitely will come back and pick up something in the future!