6kgold.com Reviews


Incredibly fast service i had a pretty big order and its amazing how good they are with delivering it.


I’ve bought pokemon there many times and everything’s fine and really fast! Pretty nice service!!


they always been great at delivering pokemon in time! not the first time ordering and probably not the last


I bought now several times here and the service is just great, the prices are good and you can get literally anything you want.


Bought some pokemon for Pokemon Sword to complete my Pokedex. 6KGold had by far the best prices & deliver within just a few minutes.


It worked great. Customer service was a great help and answered all my questions


They offer just about every Pokemon (shiny or regular) and the service is prompt. The chat feature is helpful and knowledgeable and prepare your order quickly. Not to mention their prices are less than half of most other sites if not more!


I L O V E 6KGold So reliable and they gave me a free level 100 mew! I have way to many orders and the reason is because I don't have to worry about them being hacked, or not trade-able! I honestly hope they make lots from this site!


It was a very fast delivery, custom a 6iv shiny pokemon is very cheap. Recommended! <3


Super fast and easy this is great I'll be sure to buy pokemon in the future!