6kgold.com Reviews


Great service was done within 10 minutes. I will be back for more in the future!!


I ordered once before and they were very nice and understanding 10/10 completely legit


After seeing mostly positive reviews on trustpilot I have these guys a go. The prices are fantastic and I have to say the service was even better. At peak times they were on my island in no time! I used chat to ask a question about a future purchase and was responded to immediately 10/10 Thank you!

Joanna Peng:

Great customer service! Definitely will come back and pick up something in the future!


Fast delivery, amazing service, and great prices. Thank you!


I ordered 300 miles, they came within 15 min, amazing service!!


Like everyone said below, at first I was hesitant because I wondered how could this work or if they were legit. But they make the trades via link trade in the game. Got the Pokemon exactly the way I wanted them. 100% recommend. I would absolutely buy from them again. They are legit. There was also an issue with the quantity of master balls I received but they immediately helped me out.


I was SUPER nervous about this, but it's freaking AWESOME. Don't hesitate! I bought some DIY recipes, and I had them on my island within 35 minutes. PERFECT.


I need to say I was really worried about all that too, but at least for me it was legit and really quick just waited for around 10-15 min! thanks so much for not being scammers :)!


This guys rock!!! I place my order and in less then 3 minutes I got and email. I will come back for more!