6kgold.com Reviews


Thanks for the fast delivery. Item code was delivered within 30 minutes to my email


Reliable service, bought some mog station optional items on this site, sent the keys very fast, and redeem it very easy, 100% recommond.


Very reliable, mut 19 coins was delivered as ordered and in a good timeframe.


Very smooth, easy & fast to get my madden coins, 100% trustworthy, would recommend to everyone.


I have used it several times for buying madden 19 coins and I never had any major issues, nice site.


Good company! Bought 50m mesos for maplestory 2 and received it very fast, so i'm content with my purchase.


Fantastic service! 100% trustworthy to buy maplestory 2 mesos here, fast delivery, nice live chat service.


Recieved credits, though it takes much longer than the 10 minutes advertised. Will probably use again as prices are very good. 4/5.


One of the best place to get not only cheaper platinum but also fast and reliable service you can get at that price.


The warframe plat price is really cheap, just made a small amount to test them, got my plat very fast, thank you.