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Welcome to Buy Warframe Platinum at 6kgold.com!

Platinum is an in-game currency of Warframe, it can be used to purchase Warframes, Weapons, Equipment, Sentinels, Mod packs, and other various items from the in-game Market.

So how to Get Platinum?

Warframe Platinum can be bought with real world currency or by trading with other players. Now 6kgold.com offers cheapest Warframe Platinum, much cheaper than official price, 100% reliable.

How to deliver Platinum?

We will need to login your account to deliver Platinum, it will take within 10 mins, and this service is only available for PC.

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One of the best place to get not only cheaper platinum but also fast and reliable service you can get at that price.


The warframe plat price is really cheap, just made a small amount to test them, got my plat very fast, thank you.


Thanks for being legit, got my 1000 platinum very fast, i will come to buy again.

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