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Best Place to Buy 6IV Shiny Pokemon

Welcome to buy shiny pokemon with 6IV at is providing cheap pokemon online trading service, we have been doing this business since Pokémon Sword and Shield. Now you also can buy 6iv shiny pokemon for Pokémon BDSP, Pokémon Legends Arceus and Pokémon Scarlet & Violet (All kitakami Pokémons in DLC The Teal Mask have been updated), not only normal Pokémons, but also legendary pokemon, all forms, held items and so on.

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As we know, it's not easy to get shiny pokemon, very low probability. It will cost you a lot of time to collect all pokemons, buy pokemon online will be a good option, and we're doing this business for years, very professional and reliable.

How to trade pokemon online?

After placing an order, our team will send the Trade Link Code via email and transfer the pokemon you want via online system, make sure you have a Nintendo Online Subscription.

Note: All Pokémons are default to 6IV Shiny, if you want to custom any other specific sets, please select "Custom Pokemon" service, our customer service is 24/7 online.


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