Buy New Legendary Pokemon in Sword and Shield - Shiny Mewtwo

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Dear Customers, has updated many new pokemon in Sword and Shield, now you're able to buy New Legendary Pokemon with 3IV-6IV, Shiny/ Non-Shiny, like shiny mewtwo, low price, fast delivery, don't miss it.

Here is the list of all new legendary pokemon:

Mewtwo (3IV Shiny)
Celebi (3IV Non-Shiny)
Cobalion (6IV Shiny)
Cosmoem (6IV Non-shiny)
Cosmog (6IV Non-shiny)
Jirachi (3IV Shiny)
Keldeo (3IV Non-shiny)
Kyurem (3IV Non-shiny)
Lunala (6IV Non-shiny)
Marshadow (3IV Non-shiny)
Melmetal (6IV Shiny)
Meltan (6IV Shiny)
Necrozma (6IV Non-shiny)
Reshiram (3IV Non-shiny)
Solgaleo (6IV Non-Shiny)
Terrakion (6IV Shiny)
Virizion (6IV Shiny)
Zekrom (3IV Non-shiny)
Zeraora (3IV Non-shiny)

Our team will keep updated about those legendary pokemon, you will be able to custom any specific sets soon.

Besides, cheap master ball is hot-selling as well, 5 master balls = $2.99, don't miss it.