Elder Scrolls Online Releases Xbox One X 4K

Game Belong:The Elder Scrolls Online Author: www.6kgold.com

Elder Scrolls Online, the MMORPG based on the popular franchise created by Bethesda, launched its latest free patch (Update 16) and DLC Game Pack (Clockwork City) on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 after the recent debut on PC.

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The Game Pack is included with the ESO Plus subscription or can be purchased separately for 2,000 Crowns. It adds the new Clockwork City zone, a new story questline with over 10 hours of gameplay, a new PvE Trial and more.

Elder Scrolls Online also received an Xbox One X update now that Microsoft’s console has officially launched. As we had exclusively reported during E3, the game runs at native 4K resolution while enjoying additional graphics enhancements as well as ‘True HDR’ support.

With the Xbox One X, The Elder Scrolls Online runs very close to the equivalent of Ultra settings on PC. This means that the game has never looked better on Xbox. Here’s a breakdown of some of the new features and improvements coming very soon:

    Native 4K resolution

    Upgraded shadows with Screen Space Ambient Occlusion

    Upgraded water reflections

    Increased view distance