FUT 19 Birthday starts tomorrow!

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This year marks the 10th anniversary of FIFA Ultimate Team and we are celebrating it with FUT Birthday! 

FUT Birthday Squad

The squad that answers that “what if” question when it comes to positions! Thirty FUT Birthday players will have their position changed, whether they played the position in the past, for their national team or maybe their FUT stats would be better suited to another position. Position is not the only change, they will also get significant ratings boosts that conforms to their new position. 21 FUT birthday players will be released in the pool of packs while the rest will be available through SBCs and Objectives. 

FUT Anniversary Players

10 years of FUT has produced more than a few memorable players whose in-game performance earned them special status in the community. Seven of these “FUT Favourites” will be released throughout the event as both SBCs and Objectives, with a Flashback, Premium SBC or FUT Birthday item type. 

SBCs & Objectives

A total of 21 players will be available through SBCs during FUT Birthday, including 10 Prime ICON Moments, 5 FUT Birthday players and 6 Anniversary players. Themed Objectives will award a further 6 players,including 4 Birthday and 2 Anniversary players. You will also get daily Puzzle SBCs plus a selection of Upgrade SBCs throughout the event. 

Twitch Drops

Celebrate FUT Birthday with some of the top FIFA Twitch streams to get rewards! On Friday March 22 watch Castro_1021, Bateson87, AA9Skillz, ProownezHD or Bruce Grannec on Twitch between 6 pm GMT and 10 pm GMT and make sure you link your Twitch account with your EA account to be eligible (instructions). Rewards will include FUT Birthday players, Prime ICON Moments and packs.

Engagement Reward

As a thank you to the community a set of rewards will be distributed based on how many days you have played FUT 19 this year.

Days Played   Reward 

1 - 8   Custom Kit

9 - 55   Jumbo Premium Gold Pack + Custom Kit
56 - 115   Prime Gold Players Pack + Custom Kit
116 - 162   Rare Mega Pack + Custom Kit

163+   Ultimate Pack + Custom Kit

FUT Birthday is available on PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC. Nintendo Switch will only have the Birthday Squad, Birthday Squad SBCs, Puzzle SBCs and the Engagement Reward.