New Year Gift for Chinese Warcraft Servers

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We've learned more about how to acquire Shu-zen, the Divine Sentinel in China. This mount is part of the special Year of the Dog Festival promotion, which has deals for all Blizzard Games.

As part of the Warcraft promotion, running from February 12 through 25th, players that purchase 6 months of game time get a free  Shu-zen, the Divine Sentinel mount.

Last year a similar promotion took place for Year of the Rooster. Players that purchased 6 months of game time received a  Magic Rooster Egg mount, which is only available on US/EU realms as a rare TCG item.

We do not know if and how the  Shu-zen, the Divine Sentinel mount will be acquired on US and EU servers. Since the 2017 gift was a mount that players could obtain on US/EU realms, hopefully  Shu-zen, the Divine Sentinel will be made available on all realms as well.